Original mixed media (oil, acrylic, canvas) on canvas in acrylic box frame with neon pink edge.   Measures 18" x 24" x 3".  Hangs vertical or horizontal.


Artist Statement: 


At the start of last year, I created a series called “fresh stART”.  It was about how we re-prioritized our energy and made new things out of what we learned was important to us in 2020 (arguably the most difficult year for many of our lives.)


This time, instead of rearranging, my heart is in more of a toss that/keep this mode. This piece is about Marie Kondo-ing the sh@% out of your soul and deciding what to bring with you into 2022.     


The materials in this art are scraps I hoarded from my collaborations with Allyson Hall.   The ones that made the cut are stuck to this canvas.  They represent the best parts of 2021 that we’re bringing with us on this journey called two thousand and twenty-two.


There’s a lot of neon pink, which is something to for sure bring.  And a lot of love.  I loved and was loved hard last year.  I’m keeping that.


So, what set your soul on fire last year?   What was your neon pink?  That’s what you keep.  That’s what you glue down. Here we go.

"Pieces of 21", Original Framed